Friday, 11 April, 2008

OBC quota- Is it justified??

Well, here we are again at crossroads where instead of going forward, India is stepping backwards. No matter how hard we try to turn an ostrich eye to our bureaucracy, it keeps hounding us in some way. We are here at the threshold of proving our mettle to the world and out comes those politicians with their dumbfounded ideas and ruin the life of a nation. The whole system sucks. Arjun singh sucks, Mayawati sucks, Ramadoss sucks. How can we give power to such power hungry politicians who can only think about the votes. Elections are on the anvil and they can only think about capitalising the votes. We call this system democracy, by the people and for the people. The government has no right to crush the dreams of millions of young life. The media has a breaking news story which will sell for a day . This will quickly be forgotten as soon as some kid falls in a hole or a creek. No pun intended.

I feel so saddened by this new development. I remember when i was preparing for the Engineering entrance exam and how some dumb student gets a preference just because his mother married a Collector who became a Collector of District by sheer power of SC certificate. I remember so many of my friends used to dream of belonging to a family of SC or ST or some freedom fighter. One of the reasons i decided to take Engineering exam instead of Medical exam was the number of seats left for general after all quota sucks in the seats. How sad is this that a hardworking student toils all of time and some idiot simply shows his certificate and get a better chance in life. How unfair is this? Hey i am not against backward caste. But this is not the way to promote backward caste by nipping young talents. IITs, IIM's , AIIMS are the dream destinations of hard working students especially from small towns who have no other platform to prove their worth. Cannot believe that they have reduced the seats to 50% for the general category. How is classification justified for a graduate to be called backward caste??

What an irony? Instead of taking care of the plight of the farmers, instead of providing better medical facilities in village, instead of taking care of inflation, instead of taking care of providing better primary schools for children in villages, ( oh, the list is endless), the Government is simplty hell bent on proving its authority over IIM's and IIT's. The best part is that the Govt wants to implement this rule immediately in IIM's who have objected to follow this year. The list of meritous student is finalised and when the IIM's were planning to announce it to the students, the new rule pops up. So again the fate of so many students are in doldrums. The worst part in a students life is the LONG wait, where they cannot do anything but simply wait and watch the sad turn of the events. They must be wondering, why it had to happen now. Why me?
Does the Government think that India will be uplifted once you reserve seats in IIM's and all premier institutes for all unworthy students who come with the backing of a mere certificate. Does the Government have the statisitics, how many students are we talking about here. How many of us would not even have an idea whether we belong to OBC or not. I think i have some distant connetion. Here i would love to bring the certificate and show it on the face of an intelligent and hardworking peer and sign " Prisoners of Birth".

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