Sunday, 16 January, 2011

New decade, same old whining and ranting

Well I am writing after a year, long time. A busy year, became a mother and an entrepreneur. Phew!! what an adventurous year it was. I feel good to blog after a long time and to be able to write in detail specially after developing the new habit of tweeting where the grammar n spelling all goes for a toss. The new age is impatient, dont have time to read, write n ponder. Friends are available on facebook, views are expressed through tweets, job info shared in linkedin, photos are clicked for any goddammn reason and uploaded. What is with this generation. I am totally sucked in it and yet lamenting about the good old days where letters were written, emotions expressed, treat happened with friends, books were cherished, news were read and magazine pages were flipped.
I remember my mom stressing the need to own a nice cursive handwriting,cramming grammar rules and multiplication tables. Now with the new gadgets none of the above skills is required. Infact schools have started using Ipads, laptops basically technology to impart knowledge. If you do not own a facebook or orkut or linkedin accounts, you are classified as primitive. Even the older generation have adapted the social networking sites. All uncle, aunties, grannies have their accounts these days.

What privacy? No one bothers to change the settings to expel spectators from their social network accounts. Even facebook is not taking responsibility to keep info safe.

The year 2010 belongs to Mark Zuckerberg and Assange. Nothing is private anymore. Oohh I like the transparency, to hell with RTI, wikileaks n radia tapes rock.

The year 2010 was a year of scams,rogue politicians and bureaucrats, tainted media , failed big budget movies and Aam admi burdened by spiralling cost of daily items of living.

India still grows, thanks to the efforts of each individual, corporates.The government continues to be impotent and redundant. We do not care about religious fanatics, Pakistan or Taliban. We love movies, festivals, shopping. We are melodramatic people and we love the drama.

Let us embrace the new decade with new hopes and dreams. Already we have a new zodiac sign. Hope 2012 remains only a movie.